David Millet

We want to share our experience


We want to share our experience and know-how by delivering the authenticity of a gastronomic cuisine.

My husband, David, has been a passionate chef for 23 years and I, Laurence, have been in the luxury hotel and restaurant business for 24 years.

The products and the terroirs


You have to be passionate to do this job and we are passionate about the seasons and the products, the quality and the proximity of our local suppliers.

We take care to select our own products, to go to the meeting of our craftsmen breeders, small producers...

At our place, the vegetables come from Mathieu's, the zucchini flowers are picked up the same morning, the lavender honey comes from la Butinerie in Bormes les MimosasThe thyme and savory are wild, the bread is made by our artisan baker who works only with exceptional and organic flours, the goat cheese is also organic from Nadine's, the saffron comes from the family's own culture, picked and dried by hand, and the mushrooms are picked... PRODUCTS AND LAND are at the center of our priorities and we are very attentive to them.

Everything is home-made...


...it's also taste and know-how, it's marinating, seasoning, infusing but also taking the time to rest for the meat, it's braising, candying overnight, basting, glazing, sprinkling... It's melting, it's precise, it's cooked in a casserole, in a pot, on the grill, in a sauté pan... It's also a gustatory memory, straightforward flavors, traditions, landmarks, forgotten recipes that have been brought back to the forefront of the modern world...

But also, the welcome, the art of pleasing and receiving, it is to organize, orchestrate, a quality and adapted crockery, a professionalism and of the avenance. David likes to tell the seasons by cooking the products of the moment with a lot of love and delicacy.

Imagine being in the middle of nature


While tasting David's dishes, one can quickly imagine oneself in the middle of nature in a newborn garden on a beautiful spring day: All the vegetables of the garden in a fine crispy pie, tomato crushed, fresh goat cheese, fresh herbs and small flowers. Or in a forest, an autumn walk through the crackling leaves: Open ravioli of golden sot-l'y-laisse, sautéed small chanterelles, chervil roots and lamb's lettuce leaves... Or on a beach, seaside terrace on a warm, sunny day: roasted Mediterranean sea bass filet with peasant basil, saffron confit fennel, grilled artichoke and shellfish foam.

Our dearest wish is to transmit these emotions in our preparations and to tell you a story through each of our recipes, but also to meet your expectations and to stick as close as possible to your desires by promoting the custom-made.

Meet your requirements


We have both had the chance to work in prestigious establishments, in the Palaces of winter sports resorts from Courchevel to Meribel: Hotel de Charme Les Airelles with Chef Pierre Gagnaire, L'alpen Ruitor with Madame Fenestraz. From the beautiful city of Annecy and its lake tour: Talloires Abbey with Michel Renaud, Ligismond's gourmet workshop. The Plaza Athénée in Paris in the golden triangle with the great Chef Alain Ducasse. From Saint Tropez to the Lavandou at the Château Hôtel de La Messardière, La Réserve in Ramatuelle. All these seasons have added strings to our bows to allow us to precisely meet your requirements.

With these years of experience, we finally decided to fly on our own and build a production kitchen laboratory in our home, the most sincere solution and the one that corresponded most to our convictions and of course adapted to the current situation.

Our motto will always be


This is only a small palette of what we can offer you and our main word will always be to please you !!! It is this motivation that has always helped us to evolve towards excellence. You will have understood, it is only with us that you will find this little something that you miss so often.

With pleasure Millet David & Brousse Laurence